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Letitia Isa


Keyboard, saxophone, flute, clarinet and recorder


Letitia is really happy to be helping out at Wellington Music Centre. She loves the joy music and music appreciation brings and I feel privileged to share your children's journey of discovery

She has previously taught clarinet, flute, recorder and saxophone from 1984 until 1997 at Epsom Normal and Remuera Intermediate Music Schools in Auckland before heading to London for 8 years, a little longer than anticipated! 

In London she played with the Wandsworth Community Orchestra and on our return to NZ and relocation to Wellington, she joined the 7 Battalion Band, a military concert band based at Trentham and for a little orchestral fun, WELSO in Strathmore.  

Having had a some time off teaching with first a small then a sick child, Letitia started relief teaching in 2016 in saxophone, flute, clarinet and recorder and adding in keyboard, an instrument I learnt for 10 years.

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