Letitia Isa


Keyboard, saxophone, flute, clarinet and recorder


Hi, I'm Letitia and I taught clarinet, flute, recorder and saxophone from 1984 until 1997 at Epsom Normal and Remuera Intermediate Music Schools in Auckland before heading to London for 8 years, a little longer than anticipated! 


While away I played with the Wandsworth Community Orchestra and on our return to NZ and relocation to Wellington, I joined 7 Battalion Band, a military concert band based at Trentham and for a little orchestral fun, WELSO in Strathmore.  


Having had a some time off teaching with first a small then a sick child, I started relief teaching in 2016 on my old instruments and have added in keyboard, an instrument I learnt for 10 years.


I'm really happy to be helping out at Wellington Music Centre. I love the joy music and music appreciation brings and I feel privileged to share your children's journey of discovery