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WMC instrument classes registration for a single student

  • Lessons for the 2023 school year for a single instrument
  • Participation (optional) in end of year concert
  • Orchestra (optional) - must be in a Level 2 or above class

2023 Single Student Enrolment

SKU: WMC_EP01_23
  • Related Plans

    • Instrument hire is a separate plan
    • Addtional instrument lessons is a separate plan 
  • Payment and Attendance terms & conditions

    Enrolment Fees are payable at the time of enrolment with a grace period of seven (7) days for direct banking payments. Failure to pay fees may result in the loss of the reserved enrolment space in a class.
    No discount applies for missed classes following either enrolment or the attendance of any class.

  • Refund terms and conditions

    After commencement of classes, a student withdrawing from a class on or before the first 3 weeks of enrolment is entitled to receive a refund of the enrolment fee less an administration charge of $20.00. 

    After this date, no refunds will be given to students unless the class is cancelled for the entirety of the term, by Wellington Music Centre Charitable Trust Board or Miramar North School who manage the facilities.

    If a tutor is ill and unable to teach a class, you will be contacted and  we will try and find a reliver tutor for this class.

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