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Enrol with WMC

Decide with your child what instrument they want to learn by exploring our instruments.

Chosen an instrument? Great! The button below will take you to the class timetable, where you can choose your preferred time and enrol online!

decoration around a button that says 'enrol online'


Enrolment info

Enrolment duration

Enrolments are for the full school year. There are 7 – 9 classes per term depending on public holidays.

We accept enrolments any time during the year, and offer discounted fees for students starting lessons in term 3 or 4.

Paying for classes

Payment is taken as part of the online enrolment process.

Multiple enrolments

If you want to enrol multiple children into lessons, or want to enrol one child into more than one class, you must make your enrolments one at a time. We've made sure to keep the process quick and simple!

Website account

If you're new to WMC, you'll be asked to create an account before you can enrol. This account allows you to review your enrolments any time, and helps us keep in touch with you with important info about your classes!

Got questions?

Check our Frequently Asked Questions for more info, or get in touch!

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