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Boys in Guitar Class

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Guidelines on how to enrol as a student at the Wellington Music Centre

Discover our Instruments

Decide which instrument you want to learn and whether you will need to hire an instrument. 

We recommend

  • Take time to understand your learning skill level.

  • beginners start with a single Level 1 instrument. 

  • intermediate and above can choose more than one instrument.

Enrol for the music lessons

Sign up as a member to view class times.


Enrol for the classes that your student will attend.

We recommend

  • If you are a beginner, enrol for a Level 1 class.
  • If intermediate or above select a Level 2 or Level 3 class.

Pay for enrolment
& instrument plans

Order and Pay a Plan for each class enrolled to have this confirmed

  • Add an additional plan for second classes or student in family

  • Add a Instrument hire or usage plan if needed for your students lessons.

  • Read our FAQs for any additional guidance or contact us

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